Endourological Society Newsletter

Endourological Society Report from the Secretary General December 2017

Ali Riza Kural, M.D.

Jens Rassweiler, M.D.

Stephen Nakada, M.D..

Secretary General
Margaret Pearle, M.D.

John Denstedt, M.D.

Chandru Sundaram, M.D.

Director of Education
Adrian Joyce, M.D.

Associate Director of Education
Brian Matlaga, M.D.

Research Chair
Ben Chew, M.D.

Board of Directors
Norberto Bernardo, M.D. Jeffrey Cadeddu, M.D. Tomonori Habuchi, M.D. Guido Giusti, M.D. Andreas Gross, M.D. Jorge Guiterrez, m.D. Jaime Landman, M.D. Evangelos Liatsikos, M.D. Jean Joseph, M.D. Jian Huang, M.D. Anthony Ng, M.D. Hassan Razvi, M.D. Ralph Clayman, M.D.

Stephen Nakada, M.D. Founding President Arthur Smith, M.D.

Subgroup Leaders
Jean de la Rosette, M.D. (CROES) Ashok Hemal, M.D.. (SURS) Thomas Tailly, M.D. (Young Endourologists) Alberto Breda, M.D. (E&U) Abhay Rane, M.D. (NOTES & LESS) Ravi Kulkarni, M.D. (Urological Stents) James Borin, M.D. (Image Guided)

Executive Director
Michele Paoli

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honor for me to serve Endourological Society as the 15th President. I thank our former President Stephen Nakada for his immense contributions to the Society, first as the Secretary General and then as the President. The members are always grateful to our founding President Arthur Smith and Ralph Clayman for transforming this organization from a small group of Endourology innovators into a structured and fully global Society. I am humbled with their success and determined to do my best in the up-coming year.

The 35th World Congress of Endourology, held in Vancouver, Canada in September was a great success. We had the opportunity to unite, exchange ideas, learn about innovations and get together with friends. Dr. Olivier Traxer and his team have already been working very hard on our next congress. Please note that we will re-unite for the 36th WCE in Paris on September 20-24, 2018. I am sure that it will be a very memorable meeting both scientifically and socially. Please visit the website at: www.viparis.com/en/site/palais-des-congres-paris/manifestation/wce-2018-world-congress-of-endourology

The mission of our Society is to lead the field of minimally invasive urology. This mission entails basic and clinical research, development of new technologies and techniques and spreading the-state-of-the art knowledge worldwide. Journal of Endourology, CROES, Organization of educational meetings globally and the World Endo Initiative are some of the efforts to function as a truly global Society. Endourological Society has a lot to offer: Fellowships, scholarships and many training courses are offered to urologists wishing to expand their knowledge and limits in the field of Endourology. Please refer to our website for details and updates. (www.endourology.org)

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with a great, dedicated and motivated team, who work very hard to improve and expand our Society: Margaret Pearle as Secretary General, John Denstedt as Treasurer, Ben Chew as Research Chair, Adrian Joyce as Director of Education, Brian Matlaga as Associate Director of Research, Michele Paoli as Executive Director, Members of the Board of Directors, Ralph Clayman and Arthur Smith as the Editors of the Journal of Endourology, Jean de la Rosette as the Chair of CROES, Ashok Hemal as President of SURS, Alberto Breda as President of Engineering and Urology Society, James Borin as Chair Image Guided Therapy, Thomas Tally as Chair of Young Endourologists, Abhay Rane as Chair of Notes and LESS Working Group and Members of Website, Awards, Fellowship, Finance , World Endo and Membership Committees and Delegates. I would like to express my sincere thanks to each one of them.

I am looking forward to a fruitful year for Endourological Society. I will do my best to fulfill my duties as the President and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, opinions or suggestions.

Ali Riza Kural, M.D.

Report from the Past President

What a thrill it was to preside over the 35th WCE in Vancouver! It was a spectacular week of science, education, and comradery. I would like to thank Ben Chew, Ken Pace, and all the faculty on a great program! Drs. Pearle and Denstedt continue to take the Society to new heights, and I must personally congratulate Dr. Ali Kural on his Presidency.

It is most gratifying to see our progress, and I am delighted that Dr. Chandru Sundaram is our Treasurer elect, and Dr. Ben Chew will be our Research Chair. I am most confident in their abilities to take the Society to new heights.

Please have a wonderful holiday, and no Past President’s Message would be complete without a heartfelt thanks to Michele Paoli, Deb Caridi, and the team at UMS!

Most Sincerely,
Stephen Y. Nakada, MD, FACS, FRCS (hon)
Past President

2017 & 2018 Honorary Members

Peter Alken, M.D.

Demetrius Bagley, M.D.

Michael Marberger, M.D.

Paul Van Cangh, M.D.


Report from the
Secretary General

As we enter the 2017 holiday season, we look back at a successful and productive year for the Endourological Society. The 35th Annual World Congress of Endourology was held on September 12-16, 2017, in the lovely city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where the backdrop of the ocean and the mountains set a spectacular vista for the meeting. Congress Co-Presidents Ben Chew and Ken Pace, along with Scientific Co-Chairs Hassan Razvi and Dirk Lang, delivered a high powered scientific program that reflected the Bridge to the Future of Endourology theme of innovation and new technology. Furthermore, the social program, including the Roaring Twenties Event at the historic Commodore Ballroom, provided a fun diversion and opportunity for networking for the attendees and their guests. The Congress, with over 1400 attendees, attracted a geographically and culturally diverse population.

With the conclusion of the WCE, Dr. Stephen Nakada’s term as President came to a close. Dr. Nakada has stewarded the Society, first at Secretary General and then as President, into an expanding sphere of influence and greater inclusion. I speak for the Board of Directors as well as the members of the Endourological Society in thanking him for his outstanding service to the Society. As is the prerogative of the President, Dr. Nakada named Drs. Demetrius Bagley and Peter Alken as Honorary Members of the Endourological Society, an honor that includes complementary lifetime membership in the Society and a subscription to the Journal of Endourology. These two visionaries helped shape the field of Endourology and stone disease through their scientific contributions and their leadership in our Society. Our new President, Professor Ali Riza Kural, is a Congress past president (2012 Istanbul) of one of the most successful WCEs in our Society’s history. A leader in the field of robotic surgery, Professor Kural is a long-time supporter and contributor to the Society. We look forward to his tenure as President.

The 36th Annual World Congress of Endourology will be held in the beautiful and historic city of Paris, France, September 20-24, 2018. Led by Congress President Olivier Traxer, the meeting promises to dazzle with a scientific program showcasing advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques and technological innovations. Of course, the social program need look no further than the confines of the romantic city, with its endless museums, abundant architectural landmarks and exquisite French wines and cuisine. This historic venue is sure to draw a large international audience.

2017 also marked a banner year for our global education initiative. A total of seven well-attended Endourology courses were hosted in Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, testament to the hunger for high quality courses world-wide. The Society also has plans for endourology courses in China, South America, Mexico and Russia in 2018. With Endourology courses well established, the Society hopes to begin global Robotics courses in the coming year or two.

After a highly successful inaugural meeting in 2017, the Society for Robotic Urologic Surgery (SURS) and the Endourological Society are excited to host the second annual North American Urologic Robotic Symposium (NARUS) on February 16-17, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This meeting will feature over 40 expert robotic surgeons sharing their experience in all aspects of robotic surgery. Targeting all members of the robotics team, this meeting will feature live surgeries broadcast from sites around the country as well as how-to lectures and poster sessions at the venue. Register now at www.narus.us for this important event!

Finally, 2017 was a banner year for Endourological Society members, who were recognized, honored or served in prominent positions in organized urology. Dick Babayan concluded a highly successful tenure as AUA President, the first Endourologist to do so, and Manoj Monga, as AUA Secretary, year after year enhances an already robust AUA annual meeting and maintains its relevance and appeal to young urologists. Endourology Society stalwarts were again well-represented among the 2017 AUA Awards, with James Lingeman receiving a Distinguished Contribution Award; Stephen Nakada, Allen Chiu, Elspeth McDougall and Craig Peters received Presidential Citations and Christian Chaussy was named AUA Honorary Member. John Denstedt concluded his service on the AUA Board of Directors while Chandru Sundaram continues to serve. As Dr. Denstedt’s 10-year tenure as Endourological Society Treasurer comes to a close in 2018, he will replace Manoj Monga as AUA Secretary, continuing the streak started by Gopal Badlani of Endourologists as AUA Secretary!

In closing, I wish you and your families a healthy, happy, prosperous and peaceful holiday season and New Year.

Margaret S. Pearle, M.D., Ph.D.
Secretary General

The Endourological Society extends several privileges to its members:

  • Online access to Journal of Endourology and Part B, Videourology, Journal of Endourology Case Reports
  • Certificate of membership
  • Periodic notification of scientific meetings, essay contests, endourology and laparoscopy fellowship programs
  • Information regarding job opportuntities
  • Reduced registration fee at the WCE annual meetings

To learn more about the Endourological Society, please visit our website: www.endourology.org

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WorldEndo: Help us to make the Endourology Society truly GLOBAL!

The WorldEndo Initiative was initially established in 2010 to support the participation of urologists from countries that were unrepresented at the annual meeting.

The role of WorldEndo is now being expanded to contribute to education and training in underdeveloped countries, with the development of courses and other initiatives.

Through your philanthropy and ongoing support, our Endourology Society will continue to grow much to the benefit of urologists worldwide and the people seeking their care.

You can make a difference!!


Chair of Research, Endourology Society

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the society in this new position as Chair of Research. My role is to help improve the ability of society members to perform and carry out high quality research. The challenge I have accepted is to help facilitate research activity for our members. Research in today’s day and age cannot be performed in silos; however, much research is still performed in this fashion and lacks cross-institutional collaborations. We have many examples of excellent collaborations including our very own CROES (Clinical Research Office of the Endourology Society) which is an international collaboration consisting of prospective database and trials. My job is to widen the net of international collaborations and help facilitate new partnerships. We can only do this with help from members of our Society. We would like to put likeminded researchers together so that the end result of the collaborations is greater than the sum of each of the parts. Please contact me if you wish to be part of one of these collaborative groups and let me know what your specific areas of interest are.

I will be working with the Young Endourology Group leader, Dr. Thomas Tailly, to help foster new investigators as like any other family, our future is our young investigators and trainees. To this end, I have already started collaborative meetings to develop future research consortiums for young investigators. Please contact me if you wish to partake in these sessions if you are within 6 years of finishing fellowship. We have different groups working in different research fields and we need investigators from all over the globe. Please join us!

I am working with Industry to help facilitate research opportunities for our members.

Not only do we require industry partners, but also strong collaborators both in the clinical realm and basic science space. Basic science is an area that remains a great opportunity for our society to move forward in. In order to drive the research, we have to improve our investment in time and effort recruiting basic scientists to our arena of research. If you know of a basic scientist with a research interests that would benefit our specialty, please contact me and I can approach them. Many basic scientists are not aware of the potential areas that they could get involved in with clinicians and our job will be to align basic scientists with their clinical counterparts to help advance research. Other fields of interest would include biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics, mathematics, and more.

My goal as Chair of this position is to strengthen research both within the stone and robotic world of Endourology. Thank you for allowing me to serve the Society in this role to advance research to the benefit of not only the Society, but also patients worldwide. My door is always open and if you have any ideas for initiatives or research, please do not hesitate to contact me for help.

Ben H. Chew, MD

Endourological Society Global Initiative

This has been a very productive year for the Education team having conducted 3 courses in China, and 1 each in Brazil, Mexico, Abu Dhabi and Japan. In the Far East, we have arranged for the slides to be copied into the local language to help delegate participation, with the result that each course has been oversubscribed with excellent course feedback, indicating to us the continuing need for Hands on Education (insert Photo IMG0717.jpg). We also ran a Hands-on-Training Course at the Video-Urology meeting in Abu Dhabi from where we attracted delegates from over 3 continents (Africa, Asia and Europe).

I am extremely grateful to all the faculty for their time and commitment in making sure these courses are a success. Although each course works to a standard curriculum, each course involves local faculty as there are local adaptations to meet the needs of local circumstances. It is vital that we include young surgeons, and make them feel an integral part of the Society, its aims and ambitions. We are also looking at a proposal to increase delegate participation in the courses to make the programme more dynamic. I must thank Leona Hanemann and IS Event Solutions for all their help and support in making these courses such a success. We have been working in partnership with them as our course organisers and without their advice, support and logistical arrangements these courses would not have been as successful. Similarly, I must also thank our industry partners for their continuing commitment to our programme. Their support has been crucial in ensuring that these courses are instructive, educational and sustainable.

We are currently actively planning for the 2018 programme with a proposal for further courses in China, South America, Mexico and Russia. 2018 is looking to be as busy if not more so, than 2017. I am also acutely conscious of the need to start running courses in other specialties such as Laparoscopy and Robotics, and plans are in progress to start this side of the programme towards the end of 2018.

Finally, it remains for me to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and my very best wishes for the New Year.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrian Joyce, Chair of Education

Apply Now

2018 Summer Student Scholarship Applications Due:
Januarry 8th, 2018



2018 International Traveling Scholarship

There are numerous young urologists around the world who have not been exposed to the advances in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Countries without advanced urologic training could benefit from an observership. Urologists from countries with well-developed training systems will also benefit from exposure to recent urologic advances, and to the organization of urology in other countries. It would also result in a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and building relationships in the world of Endourology.

This scholarship will increase the impact of the Endourological Society among urologists worldwide. It will be an added benefit for the Society’s membership.

To learn more visit:

International Traveling Scholarship

The Endourological Society made it its mission to facilitate scientific dialogue among endourologists world wide and educate urologists and trainees on a global basis. Topics include ureteroscopy, stones, PCNL, BPH, upper and lower tract laparoscopy and robotic urological procedures.

Faculty from the Endourological Society will provide scientific expertise at the course which will feature a mix of didactic and skills laboratory sessions for a targeted audience of up to 50 participants.

2018 courses

  Beijing, China May 5 - 6, 2018  
  Sao Paulo, Brazil June 15 - 16, 2018  
  Guangzhou, China July 12 - 13, 2018  
  Monterey, Mexico Fall 2018  
  Shanghai, China October 2018  
  Sendai, Japan Nov. 26 - 27, 2018  

For course details and to register, please visit: endourology.courses

Society of Urological Robotic Surgeons (SURS)

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted and honored to report on SURS progress since our last newsletter. First, and foremost, I want to thank you all for supporting SURS. Our association is progressing extremely well under the umbrella of the Endourology Society (ES) in serving its motto of educating residents, fellows and members all across the world with aim of disseminating knowledge in the field of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery.

Please consider becoming a member of SURS! There is not a separate application process. By virtue of ES membership, you will be automatically enrolled into SURS if you send an email to Debra Caridi (Endourological@aol.com) Michele Paoli (Endourological@aol.com; Michelelij@aol.com). I also urge you to encourage your residents, fellows and colleagues to join ES and SURS with several benefits as mentioned on the website.

Dr. Ben Chew, our new research director for ES, is very keen to help SURS and research initiatives in the Robotic arm. Please send your suggestions to me or him for newer research ideas, multicentre study and any other initiative.

SURS offers Fellowship, Short-term training and Observership, so ask younger colleagues to visit our website to learn about these opportunities.

At the outset, I would like to recognize and extend my gratefulness to NARUS group, who have done tremendous efforts and outstanding work in US by conducting several master classes, CME programs and Hands on course for adult and pediatric urology surgery professionals and allied health professionals. After overwhelming success of Inaugural Annual NARUS meeting, our second meeting is on the way. I want to remind everyone to join the ES and the Society for Urologic Robotic Surgery (SURS) for the 2nd Annual North American Robotic Urology Symposium (NARUS)!

Endourological Society "WorldEndo Initiative" Grant Proposal

It has been said that, “In our diversity, lies our strength.” The strength of the Endourology Society can only be enhanced by making a collective effort to bring leaders to the developing world to teach and to educate.

The ES understands the importance of humanitarian and volunteerism. The ES Board of Directors has approved the authorization of up to $22,500.00 per year for humanitarian volunteerism purposes to be evaluated on an annual basis. The ES Executive committee will award 3 applicants per year in the amount of $7500.00 each.

Learn more →

More than 40 robotics experts from major academic centers across North America will assemble for the world’s most comprehensive meeting on urologic robotic surgery. As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest urological techniques and products, newest innovations and programs that help produce high quality care.

The meeting will take place February 16-17, 2018 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Registration: (www.NARUS.us)

What we achieved in 2017 – Highlights:

  1. SURS meeting on Tuesday, September 12th, during the recently concluded 35th World Congress of Endourology in Vancouver - Whosoever attended, you observed our room was full and had attendees representing different countries. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. This was possible and happened because of the scientific content and gracious presence of stellar faculty to deliver state of art lectures and answer the questions of attendees. On behalf of SURS and ES, I appreciate your time and willingness to participate in our meeting and contribute to the society.

A photo collage of some of the participating faculty.

  1. The inaugural Annual North American Robotic Urology Symposium (NARUS) was held in collaboration with SURS/ES on February 17–18, 2017 in Las Vegas, which was a grand success.
  2. Annual Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery Meeting at AUA Boston 5/14/17.

The SURS annual meeting at the AUA in Boston was a great success because of a stimulating program and “who’s who” faculty in the field. The program started with the Future Perspective in robotic surgery followed by prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder & reconstructive urology. This was the largest-ever SURS meeting attended by about 500 people. This achievement was due to the zeal of SURS members to learn state-of-the art knowledge and the outstanding contributions by stellar participants. The conference room was filled to capacity with standing room only, even after adding additional chairs.

Meetings that SURS Conducted or Collaborated outside the USA in 2017

The Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery extended its collaboration to the following meetings:

  • Urology Society of India, Mumbai, India – Jan 2017
  • Third International Symposium on Advanced Robotic Techniques in Urology in London – Jan 2017
  • Master Class on Robotic Urologic Surgery, Chandigarh, India – March 17, 2017
  • Robotic Urology Symposium with Turkish Endourological Society – April 2017
  • Master Class on Prostate Cancer in association with the Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery, Ahmedabad – July 8-9, 2017
  • Masterclass in Uro-Oncology with Live Operative, International Minimally Invasive Surgery Workshop, Delhi, India – August 28-29, 2017
  • 2nd Annual International Urologic Cancer Symposium and Society of Urologic Robotic Surgeons (SURS) meeting, New York – Sept 6-9
  • SIU-SURS Symposium, Lisbon – November 2017
  • IRSL meeting, Seoul, Korea, Dec 2017

Upcoming meetings of the Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery 2018:

  1. Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery symposium in collaboration with Urology Society of India in Jaipur, India – Jan 18-21, 2018
  2. 6th Techno Urology Meeting (TUM) in collaboration with Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery, Turin, Italy – Jan 25-26th, 2018 (www.technourologymeeting.com)
  3. NARUS, Feb 2018
  4. Live telecast of Robotic Surgery on behalf of SURS on April 5-6, 2018, Italy
  5. "Symposium on Robotics and New Technologies in Prostate Cancer" organized by the Endourological Society & Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery and Acıbadem University of Turkey. The meeting will be held in İstanbul on April 12-14, 2018. (www.endourology2018.org)
  6. Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery Symposium in AUA in San Francisco, on Sunday May 2018 –
    • A very exciting and stimulating program is under development: The Progress and Future of Robot-assisted Surgery in the Field of Urology: an Editor's Perspective" (Editors of Major Journal will be participating in this)
    • Debates
    • Cutting-edge technological improvements and techniques in the field
  7. Society of Urologic Robotic Surgery Symposium at WCE, Paris, Sept 20-24, 2018 – Obviously, this is going to be Not to miss opportunity
  8. Inaugural Asian Summit on Robotic Surgery, 18-20 Oct 2018, Singapore

We are expanding our society with its membership drive and also requesting people to join the team to serve as resources for participating in our several courses across the year. We are collaborating closely with the Global Education Committee.

There have been sincere efforts on behalf of ES to add more robotic members to the Board of Directors as well as to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Endourology & Videourology as it has been reflected this past year and more to come. I also humbly appeal to SURS members to actively participate in the Society’s meeting and to be innovative and major players in this organization, of which we are an integral part.

While the demand for RALUS by surgeons and patients is high, spiralling health care costs and strained health care systems will demand more comprehensive study designs for the adoption of costly new technologies as well as strategies to improve cost-effectiveness.

We are striving hard for the development of an international program and will request all of you to encourage membership for our organization ES/SURS. In addition, we will make sincere efforts to improve training following core curriculum in order to improve the standards of care and patient safety.

As a president of SURS, I have the opportunity to work with the Endourological Society's dedicated and experienced executive team led by our Secretary General Margaret S. Pearle, Treasurer John Denstedt and past president Steve Nakada & current president Ali Riza Kural, to whom I am very grateful for guidance and unstinted support. Michele Paoli, executive director of ES & Debra Caridi, executive assistant have been extremely helpful to SURS and its smooth running. I would also like to recognize and express my thanks to past president James Porter and president elect Jihad Kaouk to help me in advancing and expanding SURS with its goals in USA and abroad.

Under the guidance of all of our members, I have the opportunity to work with you as a team to take our society to the next level and increase our ability to do meaningful work. Please feel free to let me know how we can improve SURS. Absolutely, your guidance and suggestions will be appreciated.

As we enter the season that offers opportunities to reflect and rejoice as well as find respite with family and friends, I send my heartfelt greetings to each and every one of you! I look forward to seeing you at upcoming meetings.

With best regards,

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Society of Robotic Urologic Surgery,
Ashok Hemal, M.D.
President, SURS

“Because we all love to illuminate Endourology! Welcome to Paris WCE2018.”

“Parce qu’on aime tous faire briller l’EndoUrologie ! Soyez les bienvenus au WCE 2018.”

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I’m delighted to invite all of you to PARIS for the 36th WORLD CONGRESS OF ENDOUROLOGY.

It is with great pleasure and honour that I will chair this new edition of the WCE taking place from 20th-24th. September 2018 at the Paris Convention Center “Palais des Congrès-Porte Maillot”.

The annual World Congress of Endourology has grown since many years to become the most important conference in the world in the field of Endourology and Minimally Invasive Technologies. Thanks to the Endourological Society, to the quality of the scientific program from previous WCE meetings and to the tremendous support of distinguished faculty and the industry.

All the organizing committee are already working to build an unforgettable 2018 WCE meeting in the beautiful city of Paris. We will do our best to involve each of you to be part of the program, and we will invite the most preeminent experts to headline the scientific program to share their knowledge and experience and to discuss the newly developed technologies.

We will also put special efforts to attract a significant number of young urologists from Europe and the rest of the world because we strongly believe that young Urologists will soon become the real force for the Endourological Society and for Endourology.

For those who will have extra-time in Paris, before or after the meeting, please don't miss the opportunity to visit some of the most well-known and iconic places in France and Paris, we have so much to offer!

The organizing committee and myself look forward to welcome all of you to our beautiful City of Love, City of Lights, PARIS France.

Olivier TRAXER
WCE2018 President

Website Committee Update

Happy Holidays,

The Endourological Society is in the early stages of redesigning its on-line presence. In 2018 we hope to give to you a newly designed website that adds unique value to your membership. The site will make accessing the journals much easier, incorporate educational videos and pod casts, and facilitate collaboration through robust membership profiles. Our Twitter presence will also dovetail into these efforts. Please stay tuned. It’s an exciting time for us.

Brian Duty
Chair, Website Committee

Brian Duty, M.D.

Join the Endourological Society and the Society for Urologic Robotic Surgery (SURS) for the

"2nd Annual North American Robotic Urology Symposium (NARUS)"

In the second robotics meeting of this scale and magnitude, NARUS assembles more than 40 robotics experts from major academic centers across North America for the world’s most comprehensive meeting on urologic robotic surgery.

The NARUS Annual meeting offers industry partners an opportunity to update clinicians on the latest urological techniques and products. The focused meeting environment is ideal for businesses dedicated to delivering products and services that support the robotic surgeons in delivering high quality care. These forums will allow you to interact with participants eager to learn about your company’s recent innovations and programs.

For more information and to Register, please visit www.narus.us

"Fellows Corner"

I am a Palestinian doctor from Bethlehem. I was born on the 21st of august 1984 in Jerusalem. I completed high school in 2002, and then I started my education in Jordan at the university of science and technology where I got my bachelor degree in medicine. I graduated in 2008, and then I did my training year at governmental hospital in Bethlehem.

In 2009, I worked at St. Joseph hospital in Jerusalem as a surgical resident.

In 2010, I started my urology residency program at Hadassah Medical Center, and I finished in 2015. I then received my certificate in urology from the Palestinian Medical Council.

In 2015, I started my 2 year combined fellowship in endourology and lap-robotic surgery in the leading stone center in Israel - Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital in Jerusalem under the supervision of Prof. Mordechai Duvdevani, Prof. Ofer Gofrit and Dr. Vladimir Utkin. I learned to do a variety of robotic and laparoscopic operations and all the stones surgeries (standard and ultra-mini PCNL, URS, RIRS, ESWL etc.). I also actively participated in a variety of research projects and improved my academic skills.

During my training, I also participated in the annual Israeli Urology Conference each year and presented our research projects.

Currently, after completing my fellowship, I continue to collaborate with professor Duvdevani and started to offer my services to the Palestinian people in the Palestinian territories. The experience I had gained from this fellowship is not found in my country especially considering that I’m the first Palestinian doctor who got this certificate. I am very grateful for the opportunity I received.

Thank you,
Dr. Ayman Isid

Post WCE 2017 - Vancouver

Thank you to all those who attended and participated in the 35th World Congress of Endourology in Vancouver, BC, Canada in September 2017.

We had a fantastic meeting with excellent weather and wonderful scientific sessions. Over 1,500 urologists from around the world attended. There were live surgery sessions that covered the entire gamut of endourology and robotic-assisted surgery, and we owe a special thank you to our live surgeons: Dr. Ashok Hemal, Dr. Dr. Mihir Desai, Dr. Jorge Guiterrez, Dr. Mihir Desai, Dr. Monish Aron, and Dr. Roger Sur. There were excellent plenary sessions as well as poster sessions—we would like to thank all Faculty and presenters.

Without our partners in industry, this meeting (or any other for that matter), would not have been possible. We would like to thank all of our industry partners for helping further the education of Endourology all over the world. We also extended our reach by supporting 5 scholars to attend the meeting from the World Endo initiative. We had scholars from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Haiti supported to attend the WCE meeting as well as a post-meeting course at the University of British Columbia.

We look forward to an excellent congress next year in Paris and thank the members of the society for the opportunity to host the world and this meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

Kenneth Pace
Congress Co-President

Ben Chew
Congress Co-President

2017 Endourology Society Award Winners

View past awards

Elspeth McDougall, M.D.
Karl Storz Lifetime Achievement Award

Benjamin Canales, M.D.
Cook Medical “Arthur” Award

James Lingeman, M.D.
Ralph Clayman “Mentor” Award

Jihad Kaouk, M.D.
2017 Academic Endourology Fellowship Progarm Director Award

Jean-Marc Creissel
Endourology Society Industry Award – For Innovations in Endourological Instrumentation

Journal of Endourology: Editorial Box

Ralph Clayman, M.D.
Arthur Smith, M.D.
John Denstedt, M.D.

"The Journal of Endourology continues to excel with our highest impact factor ever and over 1000 manuscript submissions a year. The Journal remains a leading venue for cutting edge endourologic and minimally invasive urologic research including robotics. The editors also encourage authors to submit ideas for high quality review articles on relevant topics".

We are pleased to highlight the “top read” and “top viewed” articles over the past few months in the Journal of Endourology and VideoUrology:

Journal of Endourology

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: A Review; Christian G. Chaussy, Stefan Thüroff: http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/end.2016.0548

Papillary vs Nonpapillary Puncture in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: A Prospective Randomized Trial; Panagiotis Kallidonis, Iason Kyriazis, Dimitrios Kotsiris, Adamantia Koutava, Wissam Kamal, Evangelos Liatsikos online.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/end.2016.0571

En Bloc Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumors: A New Standard? Angelo Naselli, Paolo Puppo

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